SafeShowings: Keeping Real Estate Professionals Safe

We are dedicated to creating mobile safety apps that can be used in threatening situations.

Secure Your Safety With Our Innovative Mobile App

At Face Snap LLC, we are passionate about producing proactive and strategic solutions against criminal behavior. We developed SafeShowings, an app that can protect real estate professionals that are showing homes and help provide peace of mind to property owners.

Our team desires to provide the tools necessary in taking control of situations involving strangers by letting them know that you have a process in place. This will make them think twice about engaging in any criminal activity.

We started by developing the SafeShowings app and now are currently creating a new app called SafeMeetings. It expands on the capability of SafeShowings by allowing the app to be utilized in many different situations, by all types of people. SafeMeetings will be beneficial in securing the safety of people in ride-sharing, dating, meetings, and in other social situations.

What is SafeShowings

SafeShowings is the first app of its kind. If you are unable to end a SafeShowings session, it notifies your emergency contacts and securely captures an image of the perpetrator. This approach is a strategic deterrent of criminal behavior because the person intending to do harm will be traced and deterred soon after.


Securely Capture a Driver’s License

SafeShowings requires the real estate professional to capture an image of the client’s driver’s license. If the real estate professional does not press the end showing button, all emergency contacts will be notified with the exact location and time, and authorities will have an image of the perpetrator’s driver’s license.

Create an Emergency Contact List

Create an Emergency Contact List

Create your personalized list of contacts. You will be able to mark yourself safe or send your contacts an alert if you are not heard from within an allotted amount of time.


Give Your Seller Security

A client could have a criminal background and intend to return to the home at a future date and rob, kidnap, or harm the family. SafeShowings deters criminal behavior by capturing an image of the client’s driver’s license.


About the Founder

Our founder, Helen Hudson, a REALTOR® in Charleston, SC experienced a situation that made her fear for her personal safety. Her mission is to deter criminal behavior against real estate professionals, homeowners, and clients and she started her journey by developing the first app of its kind, "SafeShowings".

“My goal is to deter criminal behavior by creating a law, policy, or procedure that requires Real Estate Professionals to capture a secure image of the buyer's face for each person that crosses the threshold of a home. The SafeShowings App that I created, will securely capture a secure image of the buyer's face and deter criminal behavior against Real Estate professionals.” - Helen Hudson

Helen Hudson is an active REALTOR® in Charleston, SC. She has a passion to make a difference for her clients and other real estate professionals. One of Helen’s passions is advocating for real estate safety, which inspired her to create the SafeShowings app.

Helen has an impressive track record as a REALTOR® and a Property Management Executive:

  • Member of National Association of REALTORS®
  • Member of SC Association of REALTORS®
  • Member of Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® (CTAR)
  • 2019 Bronze Partner, CTAR
  • Graduate of the Carolina One Ninja Installation
  • Continuing Real Estate Education
  • Leigh Brown Boot Camp Attendee
  • Former Executive with a national property management corporation
  • Founder of the SafeShowings App



Karla J.

"Quick and Easy"

“A quick and easy way for a Real Estate Professional to protect him/herself when showing properties. Provides peace of mind for you and your family.”


Abbey Bumgarner

"Peace of Mind"

“One of the most terrifying things about being a 22 year old female Real Estate Professional is meeting clients that I do not know. Thank you Helen Johnson for giving me and my family some peace of mind when it comes to meeting new clients!”


George R. Culp

"Thank you!"

“I'm going to insist from now on that my Real Estate Professional use SafeShowings so that there will be a record on file of a government issued ID for every person who crosses the threshold of my property. And, if anything untoward comes about the authorities will know where to go first. Helen, I can't thank you enough!”