Safety in a Snap

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Safety In A Snap

Whether you're getting in a ride share, meeting a stranger, or letting someone new into your home, you need to make sure you are safe.

Say Cheese!

Simply take a photo of the person you're with and FaceSnap handles the rest. Once you have submitted your photo, the timer begins. If you are unable to "end" the meeting, an alert goes out to your emergency contacts.

GPS Enabled

Your emergency contacts will have access to your geolocation should the emergency alert be activated.


I purchased the FaceSnap app for my wife. She's a Facebook Marketplace junkie, constantly selling and buying stuff. I never know who she is meeting to make these transactions, but FaceSnap puts my mind at ease.
-Charlie A.

I used FaceSnap when a repairman came to repair my freezer. I felt in control when I took a picture of his face prior to letting him inside my home.
-Sally M.

Both of my daughters use FaceSnap because they are away in college. I told them about the app and pay for them to use it. They're using it whenever they get in an Uber or Lyft, or go out on a date with a new person.
-Craig G.

My nephew had a frightening experience with a rideshare recently. The driver pointed a gun at him and told him to get out and leave his three female friends in the backseat. Thankfully they all got out safely. I told him about this app, and he and all his friends have downloaded it.
-Eddie J.

Several recent murders have happened during marketplace item exchanges. I see this as a necessary app to prevent crime. Brilliant!
-Paula W.

I downloaded this app for my mom, because she is newly single and lives alone. I told her she needs to use it when repair people come into the house or if she goes out on any dates. Makes me feel better, since I'm away at school and can't be home with her all the time.
-Ashley R.

Such a great and necessary safety app! Especially during these crazy times!
-Katie L.